Rashmi Gautam’s Guntur Talkies telugu movie online: Review


Tv Actor Rashmi Gautam’s Guntur talkies video has been officially launched through Sri Balaji Video. This movie was a buzz in Social Media when the trailers and teasers of Rashmi Gautam’s sizzling hot stills promoted. The Promos created a huge interested and hype among the teenagers and youth audience.

Watch Guntur Talkies Telugu movie online :

Video Credit: Sri Balaji Video (Sri Balaji Full Videos)

Guntur Talkies Story in brief:

The movie mainly revolves around 40 years aged middle man, Giri (Naresh) and a 25 years old Hari (Sidhu Jonnalagadda). Siddhu and Giri work as a small Gumustas (labour) in a medical shop owned by Gundu Sudharshan and earns a mere income per month. Due to this, they used to do small thefts as thieves in the night times. Siddhu has an illegal affair with a housewife while Giri enjoys reading soft porn books and gets pleasure.

Hari meanwhile seduces Suvarna (Rashmi Gautam) who is the sister of the housewife with whom he has an illegal affair. One day both Giri and Hari rob a big deal of Rs.5 lakhs and a container which has one crore in it from C.I Ranjit Kumar (Raghu Babu) house. This incident puts them in trouble as the two DON’s Jackie (Mahesh Manjrekar) and Revolver Rani (Shraddha Das) were after them. How did they escape and all can be watched on this online Telugu movie video?

Guntur Talkies star performance:

Naresh as Giri as played his part and he did his justice as a sex starved middle aged man.

Siddhu as Hari looks a petty thief and an average performance for his role and that is not his own blame, though.

Rashmi Gautam as a hot glamorous character does what is asked for and she has her moments in going seducing and few emotional scenes.

Mahesh Manjrekar evokes some humour from his double meaning dialogues, Shraddha Das, Raghu Babu has not given the content and character that they are capable of and they can’t do anything for that.

The only Pros of the movie will be the background music, Rashmi’s Glamour, “Nee Sontham” picturization (Cinematography of Ram Reddy).

Watch the hot & Sizzling song “Nee Sontham” from Guntur Talkies here:

Video Credit: Sri Balaji Video
Main Cons that make the movie a below average are the comedy scenes, Cheap language, lot of usage of the word Bum (Telugu), Overdose of Adult and explicit content than required or intended.

Cast & Crew of Guntur Talkies:

Complete Cast:

  • Sidhu Jonnalagadda
  • Naresh
  • Mahesh Manjrekar
  • Rashmi Gautam
  • Shraddha Das
  • Manchu Lakshmi (Guest Appearance)
  • Raghu Babu
  • Raja Ravindra
  • Fish Venkat
  • Ravi Prakash
  • Thagubothu Ramesh
  • Snigdha


  • Director: Praveen Sattaru
  • Producer: Raj Kumar M
  • Banner: R K Studios
  • Music: Sri Charan Pakala
  • Cinematography: Ram Reddy

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