Killing Veerappan (2016) -Telugu Full Length Movie


A Brief Plot of Killing Veerappan:
Forest Pirate Veerappan (Sandeep Bhardwaj), predominant in Sathyamangalam Forest in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala confronts the governments, and Indian Border security paramilitary forces, and maintain a small infantry.

He is the most wanted for killing almost 184 people, 50% of them were police officers, includes senior police, and forest officials. He was also wanted for hunting about 200 elephants and stealing ivory worth 2,600,000 US Dollars and about 10,000 tonnes of sandalwood worth approximately 22,000,000 US Dollars.

In 1991, Veerappan and his chief Intel Gandhi (Sadh Orhan), execute IFS Officer P. Srinivas (Gadda Viji). After few years, Veerappan takes revenge for the death of his close companion Gandhi, by puzzling Special Task Force (STF) personnel in their undercover operation, through Gandhi’s unnamed prominent informer (Aziz Naser). The undercover mission led by T. Harikrishna S.P. (Rockline Venkatesh), and his messenger S.I. Shakeel Ahmed (Rajesh Nataranga) to kill Veerappan fails horribly. Veerappan, and his army slaughter all the STF officers in the operation brutally and fragment their arms.

Watch Killing Veerappan Telugu Full-Length movie

Starring: Shiva Rajkumar, Sandeep Bharadwaj, Yagna Shetty, Parul Yadav,Sanchari Vijay
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Music: Ravi Shankar
Producer: B. V. Manjunath, B. S. Sudhindra, E. Shivaprakash
Release on: Jan 7, 2016

Killing Veerappan contain following Songs:
01. Hayya Hayya – The Power Of Shiva (Male Version)
02. Hayya Hayya – Women Power (Female Version)
03. Nethurey Thage
04. Elephant Scream (Music Bit)
05. Kill Beat (Music Bit)
06. Love You Veera (Music Bit)

Final verdict:

The movie is a docudrama thriller and you can expect what you would like to see from Director RGV and his taking as usual. The film is based on Operation Cocoon” was launched by Tamilnadu Police to arrest Veerappan and his followers. The film has been rated 8 out of 10 by IMDB.

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References: Wikipedia

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