Is Kabali Whistle Theme resembles Kill Bill Whistle?


Kabali is the upcoming Indian Movie slated to release worldwide on 22-07-2016 and already the movie is creating some sensation. On 19-07-2016 the Kabali Whistle Theme has been released by the film unit and it is already gone viral on Social Media.

We all know that Kabali Movie Songs were released a few weeks back and created sensation worldwide. Only single song, Neruppu Da itself has created new records in Indian film Industry for a single song that has huge views and likes.

Now the Kabali Whistle Theme is expected to cross a few records in terms of a Promo or a ringtone record. Already 79,000 views and 2,250 likes in a single day for the Kabali Whistle Theme in YouTube now.

Kabali Whistle Theme Vs Kill Bill Whistle Theme

It is obvious that whenever there is a viral topic, critics and other anti-lovers of particular Hero, Music Director or Fan can create fake gossips. The same thing is happening on the internet and on the Kabali Whistle Theme video comments section. There are some critics shouting loud that the Kabali Whistle ringtone is a copied version or taken or inspired from the Kill Bill Whistle.

We have tried to listen to all the whistle Promos and ringtones of Kill Bill series and we found none of them resembles the Kabali Whistle theme for sure.

This is the Kill Bill Whistle we are taking into consideration on which some critics are talking about:

So we don’t understand why some people can’t take it granted and encourage upcoming Music directors who are coming with fresh ideas. Santhosh Narayanan, the music director of Kabali has been already proved to be a good composer with different tunes.

Here is the official Kabali Whistle Theme Promo released yesterday (19-07-2016) and we would like to have your opinion on it.

The Rajinikanth Starring Kabali Movie is already scheduled to release on 22-05-2016 and we are excited to watch the movie on the 1st day itself. Please comment in the comments section about your opinions and other information sharing regarding this article.

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