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Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu – Watch Read and Enjoy the Fun!

Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Show – Latest News

At last, the most awaiting show Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu has begun on 10th June, 2018 with renowned Natural star of Tollywood film industry hosting the show in his own way. Bigg Boss is the first reality show in Telugu television industry that became a massive hit and made the audience much awaited for the second season.

Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu – with more Masala with Nani

Bigg Boss Telugu is another similar version to a British reality format “Big Brother” that airs on popular Indian TV channel Star Maa. The second season has a lot of surprises for the audiences regarding the contestants and the interesting aspect is that “it is going to be little crazy”.

Many critics raised their eyebrows when Nani was finalized as the host for Bigg Boss Season 2. But the natural star kept it very simple and interacted in a jovial manner with all the contestants who are commonly referred as house mates.

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Bigg Boss Season 1:


Bigg Boss season 1 launched on 16th July, 2017 was one of the highest rated shows in Telugu television industry hosted by Jr NTR, Janatha Garage Movie fame, leading Tollywood hero who has made it a sensational hit with 14 celebrities that includes artists, anchors, singers, comedians etc. The game is all about to stay in a purpose built house constructed at Lonavla in Pune with other house mates and were out-of-the-way from the rest of the world. The show was premiered at prime times and prize money was Rs.50, 00,000.

Bigg Boss Season 1 Contestants :


The participants who have entered in Bigg Boss house during Season 1 were including…

1. Archana
2. Sameer
3. Mumaith khan
4. Prince cecil
5. Madhu Priya
6. Kalpana Raghavender
7. Sampoornesh Babu
8. Mahesh katti
9. Katti karthika
10. Siva Balaji
11. Aadarsh
12. Hari Teja
13. Dhanraj

Bigg Boss House: Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Show


A special set up has been built specially for this season at Annapurna studios, Hyderabad where 16 celebrities has to live for 106 days under 70 cameras. Unlike the previous edition Bigg Boss House has been shifted from Lonavla to Akkineni Nagarjuna’s Annapurna Studio at Jublihills, Hyderabad due to busy schedule of Natural Star Nani.

Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu – See Now Bigg Boss Home


Nani entered the Bigg Boss House and had a look at all the rooms that includes kitchen, living room, dining hall, confession room, contest rooms, captain room, bathroom and swimming pool. He often complimented that Bigg Boss House looks as ‘Mahishmati Assembly’ (Baahubali Kingdom shown in the Baahubali movie). He was called in to the confession room by Bigg Boss and wished him good luck for this season2 telugh show. Lastly when he was trying to play a prank, Bigg Boss ordered him to leave the House. Thereafter Hero Nani left the Bigg boss house and entered the stage.

Contestant 1: Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Highlights


TIME 9:20PM – Singer Geeta Madhuri takes a grand entry on the Bigg Boss Stage with her introduction song Sri Ramudu lanti from Telugu movie businessman a Mahesh Babu hit movie. She also sang mike testing, magalu otti mayagallu, and premante nammakam….nammakam ante prema and Geeta.

Geeta Madhuri expresses here excitement and willingness to enter the house with Nani which made him send her quickly inside the house. She is the first House mate entered the Bigg Boss house 2. She entered the house and wondered by seeing the set up and Bigg Boss House construction, decoration and available facilities there.

The first word she whispered is “oh! Entha bagundo” [wow superb!]. The second word she said was “Hello nanna Chustunnava, Bujji… Mummy intlo andaru chustunnara! Ikkada chala bagundi”. [She asks her mom dad and husband to see the House and says that the house is really good].

Contestant 2: Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Highlights


TIME 9:30PM – Amit Tiwari is the second participant to enter the Bigg Boss House 2. He had a dance performance on Nenu ila….from the Telugu movie Billa. He was introduced as movie eve teaser [as he acted as an eve teaser in many Telugu movies] by Nani.

Amit introduced his wife and hugged his son for the last time and entered the House. The first word he said after entering in to the House is “Arey Wah!” [Really nice]. Later he introduced himself to Geeta by wishing her Hi. He says that Nandu is his good friend.

Contestant 3: Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Highlights


TIME 9:42PM – TV 9 Anchor Deepti is the third contestant to enter the show which surprised all the audiences. She was warmly welcomed by the host and shared a journey of her life through AV [Family background, her accident, struggle, career opportunities that turned in to luck].

Deepthi’s first word in the house was “finally in the Bigg Boss House”. Geeta speaks to Deepthi as “Hi… Deepti – how r u?” Amit introduces himself as “Heelo I am Amit…” with Deepthi.

Contestant 4: Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Highlights


TIME 9:45PM – The fourth participant to enter the Bigg Boss House was Sai Thanish, hero and child artist of Tollywood industry. He performed on the song I don’t know… I don’t know…. from the movie Bharath ane nenu.

He was welcomed by Amit, later he got himself introduced to Deepthi and Geeta. They had a little discussion regarding the beds as there was no partition between the male and female beds unlike the first edition.

Contestant 5: Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Highlights


TIME 9:55PM – The fifth participant to enter the house was Babu Gogineni, a human Rights activist. An AV on him has been played and Nani has thanked his mother for donating her organ which is truly a message oriented moment on the Bigg Boss Stage.

His first word in the Bigg Boss House was “Hello Bigg Boss….Happy to be here.” Geeta appreciated his ideology and he replied as “Thank you very much.” Amit gets introduced with Babu.

Contestant 6: Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Highlights


TIME 10:04PM – Bhanu sree is the sixth contestant for this season and had a striking performance on the song ‘O muddu pettave jigelu rani’ from the Telugu movie Rangasthalam. She had a little conversation with Nani about cooking. The host asked her as ‘can you cook?’ Bhanu replied that she is good at preparing Chicken and Dhal. On this Nani recalled his past that he has spend with Dhal and Chicken for more than 30 days.

She entered the House and got welcomed by all the Housemates. Her first word in the house was “Hi” with a pleasant smile. She introduces herself with all the participants and asks about Geeta as she was missing in the scene.

Contestant 7: Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Highlights


TIME 10:16PM – The seventh person to enter the show was Roll Rida, singer. He takes a stunning entry along with Mumaith Khan who is a former participant of Bigg Boss Season 1 taking steps along with him as a promo for his new song. He explains Nani that he has came along with Mumaith as a promo of his new song.

Roll Rida’s first word in the House was “Hi… ey,,, ey Gita.” Roll Rida was welcomed by Geeta Madhuri in a friendly way and he himself introduced with all the Housemates.

Contestant 8: Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Highlights


TIME 10:23PM – Anchor Shyamala is the eighth contestant to enter the Bigg Boss House 2. She took a grand entry and performed on the tunes of Andaalao mahodayam from the Telugu all time hit movie Jagadeka veerudu Athiloka Sundari. In her conversation with Nani she says that she is not at all ready to participate in the Bigg Boss Season 2 as she has an 11 months kid. She doesn’t want to miss her son but came on the support of her Husband as he takes care of kid.

Shyamala’s first word in the house was “Hi, How are you” to Amit. Amit asked shyamala as “Konchem baruvekkuvagaa vundaa.” Shyamala met all the Housemates and introduces herself as not only an anchor but also an artist as he acted in various Telugu films.

Contestant 9: Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Highlights


TIME 10:26PM – The ninth contestant to enter Bigg Boss Season 2 was Kireeti Dharmaraju. Nani says that keeriti has acted with him in Evade Subramanyam movie. He introduces keeriti as unmarried pellikoduku of Telugu films. An AV on him has played which is a call from his mother who says that nothing is in our control, hoping Bigg Boss helps in improving decision making skills.

Keeriti’s first word in the house was “Enter the Dragon… AC is there.”

Contestant 10: Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Highlights


TIME 10:40PM – Deepthi Sunaina, instagram star is the tenth contestant to enter the house. She takes a grand entry on the song ‘Rangamma Mangamma em pilladu’ from the Telugu movie Rangasthalam. She also said a Telugu poem ‘Uppu kappurambu okka polika vundu.’ She hugged the host Nani with a trick which made all of them smiled.

Deepthi was warmly welcomed by Geeta as “Hi Deepthi” and Deepthi replied as “Hi”

Contestant 11: Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Highlights


TIME 10:40PM – kaushal a fashionist and TV artist entered as an eleventh contestant in the show. In his conversation with Nani he said that ‘Food not a thing if have gym.’

Kaushal’s first word in Bigg Boss House was ‘Thank you God.’ Geeta asks kaushal as “elavunnaru…” and kaushal replied “I am good.” Geeta joked that both Amit and Kaushal seems to be brothers.

Contestant 12: Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Highlights


TIME 10:50PM – The twelfth participant to enter the Bigg Boss Season 2 is actress cum anchor Tejaswi Madiwada.

She entered the house and wished the housemates. Tollywood actor and popular child artist Sai Tanish says “Hello … Hi… What’s up” and she replied “you tell me”.

Contestant 13: Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Highlights


TIME 10:55 PM – Samrat Reddy, artist and cricket player enters the house as a thirteenth participant. Nani asked him “what is leg spin, off spin, Yorker?” then Samrat replied that he knows that all wickets will fall.

Samrat first word in the House was Hello Tanish…with a laugh and says ‘it seems to be a reunion.’

TIME 11:00PM – Nani announced that remaining participants will be the commoners. Unlike the previous edition in this season commoners has given a chance to participate in the show.

Contestant 14: Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Highlights


TIME 11:00 PM –The first commoner and fourteenth participant to enter the Bigg Boss Season 2 is RJ Ganesh. His appearance in white colored panche reflects common man’s mass get up. Later an AV in which he was swimming at Krishna River, Vijayawada was played.

His first word in the house was “ohh aa… Hello superb.” He introduced himself as common man with other housemates on which Babu Gogineni joked as “iam also a common man”

Contestant 15: Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Highlights


TIME 11:14 PM – The fifthteenth participant and second commoner to enter the Bigg Boss House is Sanjana Anne, a model and Miss India finalist from Vijayawada. An AV in which she was walking in a lawn is played. She says that her aims is to improve self confidence and expresses her confidence about winning the show. She often questions Nani that you are ruling as a common man. Her first word in the house was ‘Hi’ to Tejaswi.

Contestant 16: Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Highlights


TIME 11:17 PM – the last participant to enter the Bigg Boss House is Nuthan Naidu, a common man. Upon questioning of Nani as ‘Why kaki color?’ he replies that it is a symbol for discipline, hard work and labour. An AV about his family background, financial status and charitable institution organized by him has been displayed which was shooted at vizag port and beach. After entering the Bigg Boss House he kissed the floor. All the housemates cracked jokes on him that he seems to be a police because of his khaki shirt.

TIME 11:26 PM – The door was locked and Bigg Boss wished all the housemates as Bigg Boss intloki mee andariki swagatham and announces all the rules and regulations upon violation of which, the housemates will be punished are…

Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu – Rules and Regulation & Instructions for Contestants


  1. Housemates should always wear a mike
  2. Must speak in Telugu
  3. Should not sleep in day hours
  4. Should not violate the Big Boss home guideline
  5. Should not participate in violence


Few Minutes to end of Day 1 Show – Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu


TIME 11:26 PM – Bigg Boss asked the housemates to nominate two housemates to eliminate on which Babu commented as it’s not scientific and need to reject it.

Nuthan Naidu nominated TV 9 Deepthi and Deepthi Sunaina

Kaushal nominated Bhanu and Sanjana

Geeta nominated TV 9 Deepthi and Deepthi Sunaina

TIME 11:26 PM – Bigg Boss asked Nuthan and Sanjana to enter in to the garden.

Keeriti locked them in the Jail room in garden.

…………………………..End of the Day 1 show : Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu…………………………..

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