Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu 2nd Day – Today Highlights


Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: Day 2 Highlights


Read here Boss season 2 telugu 2 nd day highlights.

TIME 08:00 AM – The wake up song for the day 2 in Bigg Boss house was Iraga Iraga song from the Telugu movie ‘Naa peru surya Naa illu India’ which roused all the contestants from the sleep. Teju, Samrat, Keeriti, RJ Ganesh, Bhanu, Deepthi Sunaina, Roll Rida and Amit were found dancing.

TIME 08:45 AM – Housemates had a discussion about cooking, food supplied to them, luxury budget task and work allotment. Tanish and Teju suggests that the work should not be assigned as it will be contradictory for the housemates who are not interested in the allotted work.

On the other hand Nuthan had a conversation with Sanjana where she expresses her dissatisfaction about being caged for two days with Nuthan and Sunaina.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: Day 2 Highlights


TIME 10:15 AM – Babu Shares a funny incident about egg with Keeriti and other housemates.

Talking to Roll Rida and Sunaina, Sanjana says that she never trust others because of her past experiences. She says it’s a fully fledged one sided war in favour of celebrities.

TIME 10:30 AM – Babu thought “How crazy it is not to have a mobile phone.” He often termed it as a de-toxic from disturbing device. Teju says that there is no outlet as the main theme of the game is to communicate directly with the persons.

TIME 11:00 AM – Teju and Roll Rida had a funny conversation about work where she orders him to get a wet cloth for cleaning which made all contestants laugh.

TIME 11:45 AM – Shyamala imitates all the Housemates by representing dogs.

Tejaswi – dancing dog
Bhanu – Go away..Chale jav
Deepthi – Laughing dog
Finally Kaushal imitates Shyamala…you…you…bow!

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: Day 2 Highlights


TIME 12:00 PM – Teju while having a lunch with other contestants had a discussion on Geeta Madhuri’s thought process. They titled her as “Ooha Madhuri.”

TIME 12:15 PM – Sanjana had an argument with kaushal and Nuthan about commoners and celebrities. Kaushal tries to convince Sanjana but failed. Sanjana preferring the division of celebrities and commoners but kaushal rejected.

TIME 12:30 PM – Anchor Deepthi, Samrat, Geeta and Roll played a funny prank on Bigg Boss. On the other hand Sanjana got frustrated about her nomination and had an aggressive argument with Nuthan.

TIME 01:00 PM – Babu Gogineni shares his feedback about girl’s imprisonment with keeriti. He says that it is not going to work in this house as they are more powerful when compared to them. Keeriti says about his conversation with Geeta who became emotional on taking wrong decision regarding nomination.

TIME 01:15 PM – Sanjana shares her thoughts about ‘commoners winning’ with Nuthan. She says that her non selfishness nature is the reason for his release from the jail room.

TIME 01:45 PM – Nuthan requests Bigg Boss to free out Sanjana. Sanjana asks Geeta to sing a song, mean while Bigg Boss announces that it is the time to release Sanjana and asks the contestants to unlock her.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: Day 2 Highlights


Bigg Boss requests all the contestants to gather in living room. Sanjana has got a chance to make her own team of 7 members. She selects Teju, Kaushal, Geeta, Samrat, Sunaina, Tanish and Ganesh.

TIME 02:00 PM – Anchor Deepthi sends a message to her son Siddu and wishes him good luck for Primary head boy selections.

TIME 02:45 PM – Babu identifies the correct time by analysing the shadow. He explains the process of finding the correct time to Keeriti and Ganesh.

TIME 03:30 PM – Sunaina says a joke about cheema (ant) which does not made the contestants laugh.

[Joke: Two ants see an accident while walking on the road. One ant asks the other to call 108 immediately on which the other ant replies that it has forgotten the number.]

TIME 04:45 PM – Teju and other housemates had a discussion about captaincy and changing the rules.

TIME 05:15 PM – Team members motivate among themselves in order to perform well in the given task. Teju says “Never give up, never give in and don’t quit” to the team members.

TIME 06:15 PM – Bigg Boss requests keeriti to come in to confession room and asks him to take a letter related to luxury budget task and read it out to all the contestants.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: Day 2 Highlights : Luxury budget task

Luxury budget task – Cheppandi Prabhu


The luxury budget task given to housemates was “Cheppandi Prabhu.” There will be two teams in the task, Masters team (yajamanula team) and servants team (sevakula team). The team selected by Sanjana is Masters Team whereas the other team is servant’s team. Servants team has to do all the activities that are assigned by master’s team including house work. Masters team got a right to assign any work of their wish and it is mandatory for the servants to perform the activities. Servants must not eat in plates along with masters and should not sleep in same bed room.

If masters are impressed with the work of servants they will give either a like or dislike or heart. Blue or like scores 5 points, green or dislike leads to -3 points and red or hearts scores 10 points.

Keeriti seems to be taking active lead for servant’s team. Masters orders for chapattis and asks them to clean the dust.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: Day 2 Highlights


TIME 06:30 PM – Teju played a funny prank with Roll. Masters team had a discussion about torturing the contestants so that they cannot score more which was opposed by Tejaswi and Kaushal.

TIME 06:45 PM – Geeta Madhuri asks Bhanu to sing a traditional song which she rejects. RJ Ganesh asks for a rap to Babu which he tries and Teju orders Roll to clear up all the things in the best room.

TIME 07:00 PM – Masters Orders servants for a group dance with two leads Babu and Roll. There was a little argument regarding likes and dislikes among the members.

TIME 07:30 PM – Sanjana asks for a head massage by Babu which was strongly refused by him. The reason given for the refusal was ‘Self respect is more important than winning the game.’

TIME 08:15 PM – Geeta Madhuri gives ‘smiling task’ to Roll in which he has to smile all the time throughout the task. Masters team had a discussion about Babu Gogineni.

TIME 08:30 PM – All the masters team members were founding playing prank with Roll as he is sportive when compared to other servants.

TIME 09:00 PM – Teju, Tanish and Kaushal had a discussion about Sanjana’s attitude towards Babu and other servants.

TIME 09:30 PM – Nuthan became emotional. Roll tries to convince him by saying that he is really playing good and has a inspiring personality.

TIME 09:45 PM – Babu tries to trigger Masters but was stopped by team members.

TIME 10:00 PM – Sanjana has an aggressive argument with the team members where she walks out.

End of the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: Day 2 Highlights.

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