Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu 1st Day – Today Highlights


Bigg boss season 2 telugu contestants

Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu 1st  Day Highlights


After the grand inaugural of season 2, a tough war between the celebrities has found on Day 1 itself. Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu journey started with contestant’s introduction and their profiles.  Get here Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu 1st Day show highlights now. Continue your reading!

Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu – A Basket of Fun, Emotions and Masala


The first day is having a Fun Emotions and Masala. As Actor Nani promised with more masala in the Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu show, the majority of contestants are showing their own and natural  behavior with each other.  Read here how they spent their time in Bigg Boss home throughtout the day.

Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu 1st Day: With a lot of Fun Emotions and Masala


TIME 3:15 AM – Sanjana has no idea about Bigg Boss plan. She was worried about Bigg Boss strategy and she thinks the reason for her imprisonment is that she is a commoner. She has a conversation with kaushal in which she asks Bigg Boss to send a boyfriend to unlock her. She often shares that mosquitoes, house flies, rats etc disturbed her sleep. She asks Babu to dance for her.

Nuthan explains why he has his name on shirts, other dresses, towels, shoes etc to the housemates. At that time he told that he is following some leaders and successful persons having good reputation and similar habits etc.

Keeriti introduces himself to Sanjana and says about his movies. While talking to Sanjana he says “it’s not about luck…it’s all about hard work to get popular with movies.”

Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu 1st  Day Highlights


TIME 10:15 AM – Bigg Boss played Rangastalam title song to wake up the Housemates. Deepthi, Tejaswi and Amit danced well on the wake up song which cheered up all the contestants. Sanjana while communicating with Ganesh says that she knows Shyamala and TV9 Anchor Deepthi very well as they are from her native, Vijayawada and also says she does not know about Bhanu and Deepthi Sunaina.

TIME 12:15 PM – Bell rings in the Bigg Boss house. It is a signal for the arrival of provisions and vegetables in the store room. Amit prepares tea for all the housemates whereas Sanjana was worrying about her punishment. Nuthan says to Sanjana “don’t know why they got punished.”

TIME 01:45 PM – Sanjana shares her inner feelings with Babu. Later they had a conversation about their elimination upon which Babu replies I don’t know about remaining all as this is my first reality show.

Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu 1st  Day: Emotions and Masala Strated…just Now

Bigg Boss requested all the Housemates to gather at jail to release one person from the jail. Bigg Boss asks to vote one among Sanjana and Nuthan with a reason. Majority of the housemates vote for Nuthan (10 votes) and was released out from garden’s jail room.

Sanjana worries about her imprisonment for no reason. She regrets about her Bigg Boss entry and thinks “why I am in jail?”

Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu 1st  Day Highlights


TIME 03:30 PM – Babu had a general discussion with other contestants Keeriti and Ganesh.

TIME 05:15 PM – Keeriti has a conversation with Nuthan about his moments when he was in jail.

TIME 06:45 PM – Post box bell ringed like cycle bell. Bigg Boss requested all the housemates to take one envelop and sit in the living room. Each envelop had tasks, gifts and cards for the contestants.

Kaushal – Jail free card for him which he can use to free out Sanjana. But he has not used it for releasing her.

Tanish – Water collection with spoon in a bucket. The task was to fill water with a spoon in a bucket.

Nuthan – has to collect all pants of housemates including wearing one and need to place them in a store room

Bhanu – Cake (gift)

Samrat – Competitor for next captain

Store bell ranged and cake came for Bhanu along with bucket for Tanish.

TIME 08:00 PM – Amit was busy with exercises in the Bigg Boss gym.

TIME 08:15 PM – FIRST NOMINATION Round… Started.

Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu 1st  Day Highlights: Emotions and Masala Time to all Contestants


Bigg Boss requested Shyamala to come to the confession room and she is the first Housemate to enter the confession room in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2. Bigg Boss asks Shyamala to nominate two housemates and the reasons for nominating them. She nominates Keeriti as he looks like doesn’t helped and Tanish.

Samrat is the second person to enter the confession room and he nominates Sunaina and Ganesh and the reason was they are not willing to do themselves.

Deepthi Sunaina nominates Geetha as she seems to be fully prepared.

Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu 1st  Day Highlights: Emotions and Masala Time to Some more Contestants


Nuthan nominates Sanjana and Keeriti
Amit nominates Deepthi Sunaina and Ganesh
Deepthi nominated to Deepthi Sunaina and kaushal
Babu nominated to Sanjana and Nutan
Tejaswi nominated to Deepthi Sunaina and Ganesh
Tanish nominated to Kaushal and Ganesh
Kaushal nominated to Kiriti and Deepthi Sunaina
Bhanu nominated to Kiriti and Tanish
Kiriti nominated to Deepthi Sunaina and Nutan
Ganesh nominated to Deepthi Sunaina and Kaushal
Rida nominated to Sanjana and Nutan
Gita nominated to Tejaswi and Ganesh

and finally…as per Bigg Boss request… Sanjana is  nominated to Rida and Tejaswi.

Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu 1st  Day Highlights: Nominated for Elimination for Week 1

Persons Nominated:

  • Sunaina
  • Ganesh
  • Kiriti
  • Kaushal
  • Nutan
  • Sanjana

Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu 1st  Day Highlights: Emotions and Masala Time to Some Contestants

TIME 09:15 PM – Geeta requested Bigg Boss to withdraw Ganesh and add Kaushal as her nomination

TIME 09:30 PM – Kaushal came to Sanjana and says sorry for non usage of Jail free card as he expected her release within 2-3 hours.

TIME 11:15 PM – Roll Rida danced on Jigelu Rani Song by Geeta which is the first moment of the day in Bigg Boss Season 2. Geeta Madhuri and Shyamala had a discussion about her elimination and voting. They convinced her about nomination for elimination in the first week.

TIME 11:45 PM – sanjana has no sleep as it is a raining time and the other reasons were mosquitoes, rats and insects.

Let us hope that the Bigg Boss may free Sanjana from the jail room in next episode.

Will Babu Gogineni play like Lord Krishna as Personality Development Expert for Co-BB Contestants?

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