A Silent Melody: Short Film Presented by Sundeep Kishan


A Silent Melody is the Telugu Short Film presented by Tollywood Hero Sundeep Kishan and it is about 10 minutes twenty Seconds long. A Silent melody is all about a romantic love story of a deaf and dumb girl.

Prachi Thaker who played the lead role as the deaf and mute girl has been at her best in making this short film a great success.

A Silent Melody has been directed by Prashanth Verma and Kunal Kaushik played the Male lead role. This Short Film has got the good response from the audience and it has bagged 2,50,000 YouTube views within 15 days of its release.

Brian Lara, one of the legendary cricketers ever produced by West Indies has twitted about this Short film and here is the Original tweet:

A Silent MelodyA Silent Melody is a 10 minute long Short Film that has no dialogues but has  a very cute love story told in an empathetic way.  This Short Film proves that love has no boundaries and it has a very clean screenplay well handled by director Prashanth Varma.

A Silent Melody has been officially selected for the screening at 18th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival and here is the official tweet from Prachi Thaker:

A Silent MelodyIf you love to watch Short films and a good lover of Short Films, then this one of the best videos you can watch.

A Silent Melody
Source: Prachi Thaker’s Official Twitter

I have already watched this film many times and also downloaded for my collections. I have to give full marks to entire cast & crew who did well on their roles and responsibilities and lived up to the mark.

Director:Prasanth Varma
Produced: Sundeep Kishan
Music: Shravan
Cinematography: Vishweshwar SV
Editing:Prasanth Varma & Srinivasa Kumar
Production Design: Kiran Mamidi
Visual Effects: Venkat Kumar

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